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Serving the Church through Travel is our mission. Founders Nick Mancino and Ray Masillo each began their ministry in travel in the 1960 s and joined together in 1990 to form Journeys Unlimited. Since its inception, Journeys has served the Christian community with tours for churches of all denominations and from most states. Originally focusing on Pilgrimages to the Holy Land, the company became one of the region s top tour operators. Our strong reputation and quality programs allowed us to expand adding destinations such as Ghana, China, Australia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Italy, England, Germany, and Poland.

In addition to scheduled offerings, we have served travelers to a number of spiritual conferences and special events such as Women in the Ministry , Peace Conference, Jerusalem 3000, the Oberammergau Passion Play in Germany, and Luther Jar celebrations. Keeping abreast of important Christian gatherings worldwide, we continue to offer the chance to participate in these types of celebrations of faith.

We have also put our flexibility and creativity, to work designing customs tours to suit the needs of all denominations and worked with theological seminaries some of which have given scholastic credit for taking part in our programs.

With an eye to the future, we have enriched our tours adding a more in-depth discovery of the culture, people and places visited and gaining new insights into the impact of church art, music, literature, and, of course church architecture.

We at Journeys Unlimited offer both fixed departures, posted on our web site, and tailor made programs designed to meet the needs of your group. Whichever you choose, our friendly, knowledgeable staff is waiting to assist you. For further information call us toll free at - 1-800-486-8359.

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