Tour Leaders

Tours leader are usually a member of the clergy or is in a leadership position within the church organization. Our tours and tour leaders create a spiritual and educational journey for the members of their community that join them. Bring your church closer together with an emotional journey together through the bible and its teachings.

If you have not traveled with us before, we recommend that you take one of our scheduled tours. We will assist and train you as your success is our success. We provide operational support including land and air services, invoicing, online access to your and your group's account and more. If you have already experienced a Journey s program, we invite you to customize a tour for your next group. Our staff of travel knowledgeable professionals is here to help you with all the details. Keep in mind that all of our tours can include host benefits such as free travel.

We are prepared to assist you in recruiting tour members. So click here to fill out our contact form and make travel part of your ministry. Would you like to know more? Please call our toll free number: 1-800-486-8359 and ask about becoming a tour leader or e-mail us at